Carolyn Luick received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Medical Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York. She also worked as a medical illustrator/graphic designer for the Department of Biophotography at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami Beach, Florida. Carolyn returned to Western New York to work for The Media Center Production Company, Inc. (formerly the internal media center for Bausch & Lomb) as their sole computer graphic artist and illustrator. Carolyn also has connections to the Guidance Group where she designs and writes for various publications sold by its subsidiary companies, such as Military Community Awareness. Carolyn founded MediTrends in April, 2002. Through MediTrends and with the help of both Douglas Schultz, M.D. and Mark Ceglinski, a professional technical writer/editor, Carolyn created the Doctor P. Body series of children's health education materials which can be found at The site contains free information in simple terms for kids about nutrition, safety, hygiene, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. There are coloring pages, awards and activities which reinforce the material presented within the site. There is also a health education section with medical pamphlets available for purchase that contain basic information about conditions that affect children. The premise behind the series is to stress the fact that it is okay to be different and to give children the knowledge to help them feel good about themselves by gaining a better understanding of what is happening or has happened to their bodies.


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